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Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams

Our Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams is a premium online training course created to teach dental teams how to identify and defend against cyber attacks, viruses, ransomware, and more. Be compliant, protect your practice, and satisfy insurance requirements.

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  • All Dental Team Members and Support Personnel

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Dental Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Certificate of Completion


33 min.


Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams is an annual cybersecurity awareness program that provides dental professionals with the skills needed to prevent breaches and cyber attacks in order to operate safely with confidential patient and practice data. Certificate is valid for 1 year from date of completion.

Quick Info

  • All Dental Team Members and Support Personnel
  • Training
  • Cybersecurity
  • On Demand
  • Anne Genge
  • Includes a Quiz
  • Trainees get a Certificate of Completion
  • Length: 33 min.
  • Details



    • Welcome to Cybersecurity Essentials
    • Learning Resource [PDF]
    • Lesson 1: Why Cybersecurity Matters

    Main concepts

    • Lesson 2: Breaches
    • Lesson 3: Personal Health Information (PHI)
    • Lesson 4: Social Engineering
    • Check In
    • Lesson 5: Phishing
    • Lesson 6: Smishing
    • Lesson 7: Ransomware

    Wrap up

    • Example: Hacking a Dental Practice
    • Wrap Up
    • Quiz: Cybersecurity for Dental Teams
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    Anne Genge

    Dental/Medical Cybersecurity Expert

    Anne is a multi-certified cybersecurity expert with global awards for her work in cyber risk management, ransomware prevention, as well as cybersecurity education for healthcare providers. She has been a tech innovator and educator working closely with practice owners, dental/medical teams, and IT providers to protect patient and practice data and enable compliance with privacy regulations for more than 20 years in Canada.


    Highly recommend this course.
    My team found the training very helpful. The instructor was amazing and gave great examples of what can happen in a dental office if people are not aware of the hacker threats. Highly recommend this course.
    Malcolm T.
    Thumbnail for Sarah T.
    We had no idea how much we were missing.
    The templates were great! We feel so much better about having what we need in order. We had no idea how much we were missing. Thanks to you and your team for all your help!
    Sarah T.
    Thumbnail for Denise S.
    High level peace of mind.
    The instructor is an expert in their field, offers a high level of peace of mind about data security, and shares information in layman’s terms.
    Denise S.
    Would definitely recommend.
    Not only did the instructor know her stuff, she’s hilarious. Would definitely recommend this training.
    Kendra S.
    Anne makes cybersecurity relatable and understandable. I’m really glad there’s finally a course just for dental staff.
    Gray A.

      What to expect


      Lessons are short and succinct, because it’s the best way for most people to comfortably learn and retain new information.

      Certificate of Completion

      Successful completion of this training program includes a certificate of completion.

      Dental specific

      This program is specifically developed for the dental industry and their unique operational needs and regulations.

      No geek-speak

      Good-bye confusing techno babble! Hello plain talk and memorable stories that capture important concepts.

      Cybersecurity Essentials for Dental Teams

      Get immediate access for yourself and/or your team members to this essential cybersecurity awareness training.

      Dental Cybersecurity Awareness Training